About Us

The Fourth Wall is a theatrical term for the invisible wall which separates the audience from the stage and that is exactly what we do. Our goal at The Fourth Wall Photography is to bring out the essence of a moment by bridging the gap between the viewer and the drama, passion and intrigue which fills the space. It’s about capturing the magic with a click and a flash!

Photography is not merely our job, it is our passion and over the years we have perfected our technique for bringing out the magic in any scene. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio page for more.


Our Service Area

Fourth Wall Photography is based in the beautiful city of Cape Town in the Western Cape. Our clients are focused around this area however we understand that quality, efficient and reliable photography is hard to find and therefore we are very much prepared to satisfy your needs by travelling to your location, wherever in the republic you may be. Travel costs are included in our fee

Our Locaton


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