Frequently Asked Photography Questions

1) What is your pricing?

We offer various types of services with different pricing structures as well as package deals. Please contact us outlining your needs in order for us to accurately provide you with a quotation. 

2) Do you edit all of your work?

Yes we do. Everything is individually edited to ensure that only the best aspects are highlighted. There is no copying of effects or batch processing, only quality and excellence to match your expectations.

3) How long does it take before we receive our products and photographs?

We do require just a little bit of time to make sure that all the kinks are ironed out but we try our best to get high quality shots to you as soon as possible. We try and complete all post processing on photos within 24 hours for real estate shoots and 72 hours for hotel and accommodation shoots. For videos we also require 72 hours to deliver the end product.

4) Do we get to keep the raw files?

Unfortunately we do not provide clients with any raw unedited files, however we do provide high resolution images and video to suit your needs.

5) Do you offer an online gallery?

We only provide an online gallery to view edited photos on request. If you arrange for an online gallery, you will receive a link to the images which will only be valid for 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the email, where after the link will expire.

6) Do you reserve dates?

As per our standard terms of use we currently only reserve dates for a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days.

7) What if it is cloudy the day of the shoot?

This may be the best time to capture your picture as the harsh rays of the sun often affect the tone and quality of the image. Cloudy conditions can help enhance the character and prevent unwanted shadows caused by sunlight. We also have amazing photo retouchers who can assist with sky replacements turning a gloomy day into a sunny one. However a cloudy day may not be idea for video footage. 

8) When is the best time to shoot my property?

There is a small window of time known as the “Golden Hour” between sunset and twilight where the colours and tones of an image are greatly complimented by the softer lighting in the sky. This is often the best time to shoot both the exterior and interior.

9) When are you available?

Our dates and availability vary greatly depending on the seasonality and weather conditions but you are more than welcome to contact us with your proposed dates to check availability and we will respond as soon as possible.

10) How do I get the end product?

Images can be sent to you via our website using a download link or via WeTransfer or Dropbox. Due to the sizes of the images we are unable to send them via email without compressing them which reduces their quality. Alternative methods of delivery can be arranged on request. Videos are larger than photos, they are therefore only delivered via WeTransfer. 

11) How many images do you shoot?

The amount of images depends entirely on your requirements and needs. 

12) What's the length of the video you provide: 

This also depends entirely on your needs however most average real estate videos are 1 minute long to keep the viewer engaged.

13) What other services do you offer?

We currently offer photography, aerial photography and video. We are continually expanding and will be offering more services in the near future. You can send your needs to and we would be happy to see how we can assist you. Alternatively we would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions. 

14) Are you able to travel to my project?

We sure can! All travel costs will be built into the quotation.

15) Do you retain the copyright to your media or are those transferred to me when I pay for the product?

Yes we do. It is standard industry practice for a photographer/ company capturing the images to retain the copyright of all photos and video, however you are issued with usage rights which are detailed in our standard terms of use once we have received payment for the images. 

16) Do you accept credit cards?

We prefer settlement in the form of EFT, direct bank deposit or even cash on occasion; however we are still in the process of setting up a credit card facility. 

17) How much do you photoshop?

We use Photoshop for minor edits or adjustments, however it is not used as a tool to restructure an entire image i.e. moving furniture or recreating a room.

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