A Fully Immersive 360° Virtual Experience

Experience fully interactive virtual spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there! From residential homes to commercial properties, our 3D Matterport Virtual Tours will showcase your space, enhance the value of a home and boost your agencies brand.


What is a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour?

A 3D Matterport Virtual Tour is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there in person. 

How long does it take to scan a typical space?

On average, it takes about 30 minutes - 2hours to scan an entire space.

Are the 3D Matterport Virtual Tours social media friendly? 

Matterport works closely with Facebook to allow anyone to embed a 3D Matterport Virtual Tour right in their news feed, meaning that users can actually navigate 3D Matterport VirtualTours from within Facebook. 

Where can I use 3D Matterport Virtual Tours? 

The Virtual Tours can be posted on any website that allows for HTML embedding or has a built in 3D Tour Function i.e. Facebook, Property 24, Private Property, Google Street View, your own personal website and more.

What do I need to view Matterport models?

Most current computers running the latest version of Windows or OSX, and the latest version of Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer can view the Matterport Showcase.

Do you shoot cupboards and bathrooms and laundry rooms?

Bathrooms and laundry rooms typically yes unless they are too small. We generally do not shoot inside cupboards unless it is large walk-in cupboard.

Do you shoot exteriors such as the backyard or pool areas?

Yes and No. The Infrared technology behind Matterport doesn't allow for shoots outdoors in direct sunlight due to the UV light interference, however can shoot a 360 degree image of the outdoor space and link this to your 3d Virtual Tour which is easily accessible on the homepage of your Tour.

Can you edit the tours?

There is limitation to what we can edit after a tour is created. We can cut lines to define outside areas and delete scans if needed. We cannot edit the actual imagery itself.

What is the turn-around time for me to be able to view my home’s scan?

The average project turnaround time is 48 hours.