Gone are the days when we would spend our Sundays driving down our favourite streets to see which houses are for sale. When we’ve found that perfect home with the white picket fence, manicured garden and stunning views, we’d call up the agent to schedule a viewing and hopefully put in an offer to purchase our future dream home!

Fast forward to the 21st century and we find that over 80% of people are now starting their search for their dream home online. 

Being bombarded with hundreds of property photos can be overwhelming and often takes the fun out of hunting for the properties with the best curb appeal and what sets the rookies apart from the professionals are the quality of their photos. As a real estate agent, property developer, hotel owner or architect, you understand how valuable it is to work with the right people to make your business a success. One of the most important people in your team should be your property photographer. 

Arming yourself with a list of questions before taking the leap will help you refine your search to finding your match

QUESTION 1: Does the quality match your brand 

Not all photographers provide the same level of quality. This is similar to someone buying a designer handbag vs a cheap knockoff - it doesn’t look great and won’t last as long! Look carefully at the quality of their work and not the rand value, and think whether the images you’re looking at match what you want your clients to think of you. Be sure to get samples of their work by asking for a full gallery of images of one property to avoid them only showing you their best photo edits.

Premium real estate photographers understand what buyers are looking for in a property. They’ve therefore perfected their art of photography by composing, lighting and editing to create beautiful photos that convert online viewers into leads.

QUESTION 2: Do they charge more than other photographers in your area

Ever hear the saying “you get what you pay for”? Going for the cheapest photographer is often a recipe for disaster as their pricing generally reflects their experience and quality of work. When you hire a photographer that charges more, you are investing in a service that will yield better results from someone with more experience and that knows how to handle different situations like dark properties with no lighting or cluttered properties with too much furniture.

QUESTION 3: Can you work well with them 

It’s great to have a photographer that constantly provides excellent results, however, if they are difficult to work with, are arrogant or a poor communicator, you will be in for a very difficult business relationship. Remember that selling a property is one of the most difficult and life-changing decisions people make and the negativity from your relationship can often filter down to your clients - especially on the day of the photoshoot. To avoid these issues, find someone that is easy to work with, is willing to accommodate you and you are compatible with. 

QUESTION 4: Can they handle difficult situations 

When a situation involves a large transactional value, it’s usually met with lots of uncertainty, changes and difficult decisions. Real estate transactions don’t always go as planned - the homeowner isn’t ready, the weather is unpredictable the client’s schedule does not match your and the photographer’s availability. Try finding someone who can compromise, is willing to go above and beyond to accommodate you where reasonably possible and tries finding solutions to problems instead of throwing in the towel.

QUESTION 5: Do they respond promptly 

“The early bird catches the worm” - no saying can be more true when selling a property! If you’re first to take the photographs, list the property and begin the viewing process, you are more likely to make the sale. Because of the fast-paced environment, it is important to work with someone who can respond to your request in a matter of minutes. If your photographer is not good at getting back to your promptly it can make your job a lot harder, or even worse, the deal could fall through.

QUESTION 6: Do they understand what real estate buyers are looking for

Understanding the real estate market as well as what buyers are looking for is the most valuable asset you could invest in. That’s why is it extremely important to invest in someone who specialises only in real estate photography. You will find that working with a photographer with years of experience in the real estate industry will provide you with a new perspective and understanding of the industry you work in. If a photographer knows what is currently happening in your area and what features of a home is most sought after by buyers, they are equipped to capture imagery that will appeal to everyone.